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There is no better source of knowledge than peers going through the same challenges.  KristinAdvising’s HR roundtables curate small, private, peer-to-peer events and experiences that match our members by company size, career level, and scope.  Members gather monthly in person and virtually to share insights, review data, solve problems and build community. 

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Backgrounds include:

HR Managers from smaller companies responsible for day to day tactical and strategic functions 

Rubies signify protection, wealth, and strength.  It is a symbol of love and commitment.  HR Managers are required to mind the balance between the pressures of the day to day, and the strategic components of the role. 


Backgrounds include:

HR Directors from medium and large sized organizations where there is some degree of complexity.

Emerald symbolizes wit and foresight. To gain inspiration, balance, wisdom, and patience.  HR Leaders at this level are often called upon to manage challenging situations with tact; to balance the differing opinions with patience and care.  


Backgrounds Include:

This group is primarily made up of VPs of HR and CHRO’s from larger 500Mil to multi-Billion $ companies

Sapphire symbolizes the height of faith and hope.  Its power is known as the Wisdom stone.  It attracts abundance, calm, strength, and intuition.  HR Executives are required give energy, vitality, and wisdom within their organizations.



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