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KristinAdvising's HR Roundtables bring together a community of extraordinary HR Leaders.  We create a welcoming, forward thinking environment of peers.  Grow stronger together, and improve the lives of your HR leaders, employees, and the state of your companies.

Ruby League

Rubies signify protection, wealth, and strength.  Ancient warriors in the East adorned their armor with Rubies to protect them in battle.  It is a symbol of love and commitment.  As an HR leader at your level, you are required to mind the balance between the pressures of the day-to-day, and the strategic components of your role.  You must be strong, vital, and stable. 


Emerald League

Emerald symbolizes wit and foresight.  Emerald is for inspiration, balance, wisdom, and patience.  What a fitting descriptor for what you bring to the table at your level! As an HR leader at your level, you must have a high degree of EQ.  You are often called upon to predict the future or manage challenging situations with tact.  You are called upon to balance the differing opinions with patience and care. 


Sapphire League

Sapphire symbolizes the height of faith and hope.  Its power is known as the Wisdom stone.  Sapphire attracts abundance, calm, strength, and intuition.  In your role as one of the most Sr Leaders in HR in your organization, how often are you called upon to give energy, vitality, and wisdom to leadership and staff?  

Gain Ideas

We learn from our shared experiences.  Here it is ok to ask the tough questions and get insight and feedback from peers and executives that are in the trenches with you.

share experiences

We are an inclusive community of open sharing and trust.  Here, we are not alone.  We learn from one another, access a rich variety of ideas and thoughts, and share exceptional experiences. 

find community

This is the center of long-lasting relationships, learning, social events, and shared experiences.  A place for high-impact relationships with individuals that share similar challenges and triumphs to you.

Create a monumental impact on your business

and your life today. 

Join our HR Roundtables

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