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Demand and Supply Planning Manager

Manage weekly and monthly forecast maintenance to capture historical sales trends, research and capture demand drivers, prepare forecast data, develop statistical and consensus forecast models and evaluate forecast results.

Develop and facilitate a collaborative approach with SCM, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Finance to develop a consensus forecast and development of an aggregate and detailed level forecast that can be aligned cross-functionally throughout the organization.

Manage cross functional resolution of day-to-day issues related to demand/supply discrepancies and ensures effective corrective measures and documentation in support ongoing forecast accuracy.

Manage all master data pertaining to forecasting and those attributes driving material requirements, including validating and documentation on forecast adjustments.

Obtain and maintain high level of proficiency, serving as the subject matter expert utilizing the John Galt Solutions – Atlas Suites associated with Forecasting and Materials Optimization.

Participate in the inventory planning and strategy development for procurement/materials optimization, safety stock management, customer stocking program programs and O&E Risk.

Maintain metrics/scorecards on KPI’s inclusive of: Forecast Accuracy, inbound OTIF, Inventory Turns, and replenishment metrics.

Demand and Supply Planning Manager
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