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Kristin Gupta

Storyteller | Connector of People | Executive Recruiter

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Keynotes and Workshops

Kristin enjoys working with event coordinators to customize her talks to suit their targeted audience. Below is a list of the most requested topics for keynotes and workshops.

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Defining Leadership

​Living an Extraordinary Life

Redefining Networking

Building a Culture of Gratitude


Fostering a Culture Where People Thrive

How to Lead When You're Not In Charge

Career Development - Ladder, Lattice, or Wonkavator?

4 Tips To Kickstart Honest Conversations

Keynotes and Workshops Details

All Keynotes and workshops can be adapted for corporate audiences, parents, networking groups, or faith communities


Defining Leadership

In this Keynote, Kristin connects with your audience on the definition of leadership.  Looking at examples of those who have taken the leadership mantle in the oddest of places: sitcoms.  Helping the audience to see a path towards overcoming fears, limitations and blocks.  Your audience will walk away empowered and excited about where the future takes them.

Living an Extraordinary Life

A keynote designed around learning how to overcome adversity and find your space of choice.  Utilizing mindset tools, find ways to find your power, master your mind, master your life, and achieve great things!  In this message, Kristin shares the importance how you talk to yourself, and the energy you bring, and your belief in what is possible.  Kristin will share key strategies to help you break through your own blocks and find success and personal empowerment.

Redefining Networking

"Networking" is not just for salespeople and job seekers!  It IS a process of making connections and building relationships. These connections can provide you with advice and contacts, which can help you be connected, get advice, and get what you want in life.  But... do any of us do it right?

Building a Culture of Gratitude


Fostering a Culture where People Thrive

Why do people stay and why do people go? In this session, Kristin will lead the group in a discussion and practice to learn how to foster a culture of loyalty where people not only stay but thrive.

How to Lead When You're Not In Charge

One of the greatest myths of leadership is that you must be in charge in order to lead. Great leaders don't buy it. Great leaders lead with or without the authority and learn to unleash their influence wherever they are.  In this workshop, Kristin will help the group find empowerment and their personal power, finding their space of leadership regardless of title.

Career Development - Ladder, Lattice, or Wonkavator?

Is a successful career shaped like a ladder? Or can it look more like a lattice, or work more like a wonkavator? In this workshop  we're discussing unique moves to develop your career!

4 Tips To Kickstart Honest Conversations

Why is it so hard to speak up and productively disagree at work? In this workshop, we review and practice 4 strategies to help us have more honest, open conversations about what's really going on at work (in a safe and meaningful way!)

Discover how building a culture of Gratitude at work or at home can transform your teams or families!  Creating a positive and productive environment that boosts moods, increases camaraderie, and develops strong resilience.  Kristin shares the secrets of developing a strong culture of gratitude in the keynote presentation.

About Kristin

  • Kristin is a powerful motivational speaker.  Empowering leaders at all levels to reach new heights through personal stories, lessons learned, and proven strategies from her decades’ long career in professional development, recruitment, and sales.

  • Executive Recruiter, and Connector of People who explores the power of self-belief, strong connections, and presence. 

  • The host of 2 valuable communities including Defining Leaders’ and HR Think tank.  Combined, they have had over 1700 attendees.

  • Kristin is married to Sukumar Gupta, a transplant from India, loves to dress in traditional Indian Attire.  She has 3 kids.  Kristin has travelled to 25 countries so far, enjoys Ballroom Dancing, is 2 steps away from her Black Belt in Taekwondo, and speaks bits and pieces of 5 languages.  

  • Avid reader, reading over 50 books a year.

  • BA in Literature from the University of St Francis, Fort Wayne, IN

  • Recipient of MMAC's Liveability award for her work with Defining Leaders' During the Pandemic


Sara D, Coach 

I love seeing Kristin speak!  Her open and encouraging way has helped me grow as a leader.

What are People Saying?

Amy K, HR Leader

Kristin is an excellent facilitator, always posing very timely and provocative questions to the group. I look forward to her sessions because I always walk away with different perspectives

Will E, Director

There are valuable take-a-ways of advice and inspiration to improve your whole self. The quality of what she brings to the table both in expertise and character, is quite impressive.


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New Berlin, WI


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