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I am a mother of 3, wife, and a ballroom dance enthusiast, on my way to a black belt in Taekwondo, and a travel fanatic (25 countries so far).  Passionate about helping to connect people, helping people grow, and develop.

My Story

I’ve been an executive recruiter for over a decade and if there's one thing I've certainly learned through my time in this industry, the best way to find a great opportunity is through Networking! So... now, I'm a recruiter, a networking enthusiast, a coach, a speaker, and a business culture fanatic. I love growing my network and helping others to do so as well!

As an executive recruiter specializing in HR Leadership, I have an opportunity to impact companies by helping them find their people leader, the person that keeps the ship moving, takes care of the employees, and ensures business can be done because the right people are in the right seats with what they need to get the job done!

As a speaker, coach, networker, and connection enthusiast, I believe that we can enjoy what we do at work and at home, and we can find fulfillment in our careers, not just work for a paycheck. I believe that we all need to continually work on being better leaders and creating a community of leaders! That is why in 2020 I created Defining Leaders, a community with the purpose to connect leaders and to allow them to get to know one another on a more personal basis. The group is about learning from each other and a place where people can collaborate. We curate topics that inspire and drive one another to be the best version of ourselves.

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