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Distribution Manager

This individual would be responsible for the management of all inbound and outbound operations including but not limited to: Receiving, Distribution and Transportation. Ensure the coordinated movement of material into and out of the facility is smooth, controlled, and efficient.
• Manage the day-to-day activities of logistics to include management of priorities across functional departments.
• Ensure the movement of material into, thru, and out of the facility is coordinated and efficient.
• Responsible for the overall budget, safety, quality, performance and customer experience.
• Manage and coordinate temporary labor to meet operational needs for logistics; regularly meet with onsite representative(s) and ensure alignment; manage general labor issues and raise issues as appropriate; and participate in temporary labor contract negotiations.
• Actively participate in third-party contract negotiations to meet operational needs for logistics.
• Accountable for meeting and exceeding established operational goals to include productivity and labor efficiency measures.
• Participate in establishing and management of the strategic plan for logistics; actively forecast labor requirements relative to operational needs to maintain efficient and effective logistical operations.

Distribution Manager
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