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Production Control Manager

The Production Control Manager will support strategic and tactical production control responsibilities to ensure customer delivery requirements are met and/or exceeded. Job duties will include but are not limited to:

-Reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer
Collaboration with General Manager, Quality Manager, Engineering Manager, and Contract Administrator on overall Production Control Management
-Participate in weekly Staff meeting with Executives to report on Production Control issues and metrics
-Leadership of the Production Control Team, including Master Planner, Logistical Coordinators, and Expeditors
-Responsible for the oversight of the Master Scheduler and evaluation/mitigation of risk to meeting IOP’s
-Develop and Populate production metrics
-Oversee the verification of quoted lead-time against available machine capacity prior to customer Purchase Order acknowledgement
The Production Control Manager will serve as primary contact with customer for delivery related issues.
The Production Control Manager will oversee the weekly/monthly reporting of shipments to the executive team, as well as forecasting 30/60/90-day projections
Assist Work with the General Manager in scheduling labor and identifying labor shortages

Production Control Manager
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