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Maintenance Supervisor

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up to $85K

About the job

I've been working with the HR manager at this company for a number of years and she is amazing! She's been struggling to find someone that's really the right fit in this department. This is a leader of a maintenance team for a longstanding manufacturing company with a few rusty, antique, or let's say older machinery that needs some love and tribal knowledge. They want someone that can lead a team of maintenance professionals on 2 shifts and has some experience with some machinery that needs a little love :). I'd love to share more info!

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There's a reason there's not a job description here.  You are more than your resume, this role is more than a job description :).  You're looking for more than a job, the company is looking for more than a resume.  If you are looking for the right fit for your career, let's discuss and see if this is a fit!  

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