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**Just an FYI, the images here do not represent the actual candidates.  It is an effort to bring the humanity aspect to some outstanding talent. We are talking about real people who are truly great at what they do, not just a bunch of numbers and words.



Manufacturing Manager

Andrew is a top notch executive and a high level professional with great leadership skills. As a member of the executive team. He comes highly recommended by his peers and leadership.
• He is highly intelligent yet open to thoughts presented by others.
• Great at relationship building; Andrew is a very likeable person with professional charm and charisma.
• Referred to me by multiple people from his last company that loved him!
• He recognizes the need to listen to employees and always maintained an open-door policy; never too busy for anyone.
• Not afraid to make difficult decisions and has excellent presentation skills even when discussing negative news.
• Highly competent and professional member of the leadership team.
• One of his references states: “Andrew is one of the best executive members I have had the pleasure of working with. I highly recommend him for any senior leadership role with a team of professionals able to grow from his tutelage and guidance.”
I’d love to share more information about Andrew and see if he’s a good fit for your team!

I'd love to share more info!

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