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**Just an FYI, the images here do not represent the actual candidates.  It is an effort to bring the humanity aspect to some outstanding talent. We are talking about real people who are truly great at what they do, not just a bunch of numbers and words.



VP of Sales

Ben is self-described as a problem solver. If you are in need of someone to babysit your sales team, keep things status quo, and simply maintain your sales team, he is not your guy. But if you need someone to revolutionize the way you approach your market, grow your market share, and motivate your sales and marketing teams, set up a conversation today. He’s not a ball buster. He’s a developer and he builds monumental organizations.
• With experience in CPG, Manufacturing, Pharma, and Retail, he knows several markets and can develop a significant presence.
• Versatile business growth catalyst with a deep-rooted passion for problem solving and 20+ years of experience delivering superior market-expansion, cost savings and revenue maximizing solutions.
• Equally skilled in strategic planning, organizational development and performance optimization.
• Outstanding communicator with a natural ability to forge collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
• Proficient in sales, operations, customer service and talent development.
I’d love to tell you more! I’ve loved working with Ben!

I'd love to share more info!

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