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**Just an FYI, the images here do not represent the actual candidates.  It is an effort to bring the humanity aspect to some outstanding talent. We are talking about real people who are truly great at what they do, not just a bunch of numbers and words.



HR Consultant

If you need someone to help fix your HR program, or bring some significant change management within your organization, you need to talk to Jill. This is what she does.
• She has 10 plus years in Leadership in HR.
• She's really looking for an organization that needs some significant change because she loves cleaning up messes.
• As a partner to leadership, she has helped to turn around messy HR situations in Manufacturing, Retail, and Service organizations including turning around negative EBITA.
• She helped multiple companies through difficult situations through COVID including planning for furloughs or layoffs, and better yet preventing them and still managing cost!
• Her favorite place to make a difference is employee engagement and talent discovery.
**She is open to consulting, Contract, or Direct Hire, Jill has 10 plus years' experience in HR Leadership, and consulting in regional, multi-state, and multi-location organizations including Family owned, Private Equity, and PEO's.

I'd love to share more info!

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