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**Just an FYI, the images here do not represent the actual candidates.  It is an effort to bring the humanity aspect to some outstanding talent. We are talking about real people who are truly great at what they do, not just a bunch of numbers and words.



OPEX Value Stream Manager

One of my favorite candidates was COVIDIZED. I wanted to introduce you to him and share his background in case you have any potential need. He’s excellent and well worth a conversation even if you’re unsure of whether you have a need. Let me know if you’re interested in setting something up!
Director of Operations/Plant Manager who:
Established the template and roadmap for Lean Operations and has been a critical agent of change within his current organization.
• Leader of OPEX initiatives that engage teams on Safety, Quality, Delivery, & Cost.
• 170% increase of near-miss reporting; 50% reduction in recordable injuries.
• Reduced scrap by 26%; annual savings of over $75,000.
• Improved On-Time Shipments from 78% to 94%.
• Increased gross margin from -10% to 25%.
• Proven Leadership of internal and external projects:
• Machine & process layouts at both the Plant & Cell levels.
• Capital Equipment selection & installation.
• Implementing lean-centric TPM programs.
• Perishable tooling projects: annual savings of over $150,000.
• Demand management between 13 Planners, 5 Sites, 3 Organizations, & 2 Countries.

I'd love to share more info!

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