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**Just an FYI, the images here do not represent the actual candidates.  It is an effort to bring the humanity aspect to some outstanding talent. We are talking about real people who are truly great at what they do, not just a bunch of numbers and words.



Sourcing Manager

Troy and I met a few years ago when he was getting married 😊. His fiancé lived in Milwaukee and he was working up North so he wanted to find something closer. I placed him at a company and got glowing reviews.
But... he has hit his ceiling at his current company and deserves a next step.
• Troy is an ambitious, versatile leader with broad-based, cross-functional management experience honed throughout a 15-year career with iconic brands and companies.
• Deliver great results in a great way by quickly assessing a business challenge, creating a compelling vision/direction, developing supportive strategies, and executing with focus.
• Proven success in leading and developing high-achieving teams with a leadership style instilled with unwavering integrity, solid values, and strong relationships.
I’d love to introduce you! He’s actively open for a next logical step which would be in Supply Chain leadership specifically in a procurement or commodities space.

I'd love to share more info!

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